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The way your company works is unique. ISTYA allows you to build a logical path that fits your needs. Whether it's for your employees, clients or external collaborators, create your own content in a structured and secure way and deliver it in a private environment. A single interface for all courses!

  • Save on management costs.
  • Centralize your data.
  • Optimize your time.
  • Manage continuous improvement.
  • Competency tracking.
  • Staff integration


Content adaptation

To company business reality and user tasks.

Reduced training costs

No travel or room rental costs.

Easy to use platform

Both for you and your users.

File sharing

Online access to your documentation.

Private messaging

Management of communications between collaborators on the platform.

On demand training

Supplemental content as needed.

User-friendly dashboard

Global overview of available courses

Online help

Personalized support


ISTYA offers features that allow you to evaluate the learning acquired during training and ensure that the required qualifications for each job are integrated. This ensures that you have a standard of quality in the skills and techniques of your operations.

  • Validate your users' skills.
  • Create customized quizzes based on the training.
  • Require prerequisites to start a lesson.
  • Progressively unlock training courses.

What our customers say

  • “ISTYA is extraordinary! We can broadcast our courses, modify them quickly if needed and track our users’ progress.”

    Alexandre Langis – Directeur des ressources humaines
  • “The platform is very easy to use and allows me to follow my training no matter where I am! I save time and gain in efficiency.”

    Élizabeth Provencher – Coordonnatrice marketing et communications
  • “ISTYA’s flexibility and ease of learning make it a platform that can be easily used by all our employees and partners, which ensures a standard of quality at all levels of the company.”

    Martine Bernier


    In addition to tracking your users' progress in real time, ISTYA gives you an overview of your team's strengths and weaknesses.

    • Progress tracking.
    • Time spent on training.
    • Content viewed.
    • Pre-requisites completed.
    • Assignments submitted.
    • Tests passed.

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